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Frequently asked Questions


Ticketing Structure Explained:

Glimmer operates a  tiered ticket system. This simply means that our ticket prices start cheaper for the early birds and increase as time goes on. The tiers of pricing are set when the festival goes on sale and will progress through the tiers as we get closer to the event.

The sooner you buy, the cheaper it is. 

Glimmer has always aimed to provide an opportunity for larger families and children friendship groups to be able to enjoy a day out together. We therefore have limited early bird family tickets (1adult and 2 kids) and the PARTY ticket (for 6), which cater towards this.

Buying TIckets

  • Tickets are only available online  HERE

  • If there are any remaining tickets on the day of the Event , they will also be available to purchase online.

  • All e-tickets will have the name of the purchaser on them. You may gift your ticket to a friend or family member. ALL tickets have a UNIQUE barcode that is scanned upon entry to the festival. Once it has been scanned that barcode number will become void meaning the ticket cannot be re-used.

  • You can also add additional festival admission tickets or extras such as VIP upgrades & bus tickets from liberation square to the venue and back into town at designated times.

  • Ticket price includes all shows however workshops must be booked to secure your place.

Early Bird Tickets


  • The Early bird Family Ticket is available for £57 (plus booking fees) and this entitles admission for 1 adult and 2 children. An additional early bird ticket can be bought for an accompanying adult. This would work out at £22.50 per person which represents great value overall.

  • An early bird DUO ticket is also available at £43.50 entitles admission for 1 adult and 1 child. An additional early bird ticket can be bought for an accompanying adult. This would work out at £23.50 per person.



  • Full price of general sale adult tickets are £33 each (plus booking fees).

  • Full price of general sale children’s tickets are £28.00 each (plus booking fees). Children’s tickets are for those aged 3-13yrs. Any person aged 13yrs and over must purchase a standard ticket.

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult – proof of ID may be required.

  • Tickets for children who are not yet 3 years old remain at just £5.00. These age bracket changes bring us in line with many other UK festivals.

  • PARTY tickets are also available from 20th November. This ticket entitles admission for 6 people regardless of age to the festival. And would work out at about 28.60 per person.

  • All the Above Tickets give access to Workshops which must be booked on the day on a first come first serve basis. VIP ticket holders will have priority in booking workshops.

  • The tickets are priced in a standard way so that adult/general admission tickets are priced at full value, with a concession applied to children's tickets, and one can even have an additional amount off if they purchase 'no workshop' tickets for their child.

  • Children: NO WORKSHOP tickets are also available for £22.00. this ticket does not give access to any workshops.


There are three main workshops running throughout the day:

- Brainiac Astronaut Academy (2 sessions approximately 50 mins per session)

- Bubble Workshop (2 Sessions approximately 30 minutes per session)

- Arts and Crafts Workshop (2 sessions approximately 45 minutes per session)

Registration for each workshop will be done on the day by registering your child for a workshop at the Glimmer Workshop desk. 

Numbers for the above workshops are limited in space and are done on a first come, first served basis.  There will be a drop in arts and crafts station for children to make figures which will not require registration.


When and where is the Festival

 Glimmer Fusion Festival will be held at Royal jersey Showground in Trinity Jersey on the 11th of February 2023. Just at the start of half term!

What is the recommended age: 

The ideal age for some of the shows is 5 to 12 years. However here is plenty for the younger kids to enjoy  too and certainly lots for the older kids and adults as including the amazing Troy the Magician and all the lively music and bands!  The acts and performances for the day have been designed to appeal to adults as well a children so all ages are welcome for a fantastic day out together! 

How Long Is the festival available for:

 Glimmer Fusion Festival will be on from 10am to 8pm on Saturday 11th February 2023. No entry or re-entry after 6.30pm.

Why is there a morning and afternoon ticket and what is the difference?

Both the morning and afternoon ticket entitle you to entry to the festival and you are welcome to stay for as long as you like with each ticket.

The morning ticket anticipates that you will arrive to see the morning shows of Brainiac Live and The Mighty Kids Beatbox Comedy Show. The first show starts at 10:30am. These shows will be available in the afternoon as well.

If you arrive early with an afternoon ticket, you will be allowed to enter, but depending on the capacity of the main theatre room we would need to prioritise those with morning tickets.

Similarly those with morning tickets are welcome to stay for as long as they wish, however the afternoon ticket holders will have priority to see the repeat afternoon shows of Brainiac Live and The Mighty Kids Beatbox Comedy Show.

The rationale for morning and afternoon tickets is simply to manage crowd capacity and to try and ensure that everyone gets a chance to see the main acts.

Food and Drink Rules

Food and drink is prohibited except for baby food. Please note, glass is not permitted.

There will be a variety of food and drink outlets offering a range of soft and alcoholoc drink options  available at the event.  The alcoholic drinks will only be allowed to be consumed within the dedicated food and drink area (near the music stage) and cannot be taken around the rest of the festival site.

Baby facilities:

Glimmer Fusion Festival will include a baby change area.

Buggies are also welcome on-site and may be parked under the shelter near the west wing.

Other Important information


Want to leave a note for a friend or family? Head to the Glimmer desk by the workshop area.

Buying TIckets

Help Glimmer to have as little environmental impact as possible.

Please carpool with friends or family or use the bus where possible. the Number 4 bus takes you close to the festival.  Alight at Trinity Church.

Please use the recycling bins provided wherever possible and take your rubbish with you when you leave the festival.


Tickets will be scanned at the door and you will be issued with a wrist band. Please wear them at all times. No entry/ re-entry without them – please take care as they can not be replaced. Last entry to the Festival is 5pm!

Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities:

Please use the main door when you get to the Showground. There is wheelchair access here

Loud Noise in shows and Flashing lights:

Please note there will be some loud bangs as part of the Brainiac show. It may be worth bringing ear defenders for any young children that are sensitive to loud noise.

Shows such as the laser show by Jersey Showman may have flashing lighting which may affect those with sensitivities. Why not check out something else at the Festival:-) 

For safety reasons, please do not allow your child to run on stage at any point unless called up/ selected by a performer.l

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